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The purpose of my blog is to inform, motivate, and inspire to manage suffering and pain by harnessing positive energy. To begin cultivating better physical and mental health, find purpose, and become happier.

Joy -

There's no better time for 

self-love, and self-exploration, than the present!

Many of us tend to actually block abundance from flowing into our lives. First by the thoughts we think, and then through our decisions. 

Happiness is not shaped by the external world, but by our own view of the world. Let’s change our minds to change our lives!

Power of Positive Thinking

Mastering the Problems of Everyday Living

When your cup is full stop pouring. This saying is meaningful in many ways. Sometimes we have to let go of something to make space for something new. If you think about it this way, then to lose something(a relationship, a job, a business opportunity, etc), will bring you closer to gaining something new.

The universe sometimes takes away something from you, for this very purpose. Any time is good to begin your journey. But there is no better time than this, because it means that something else, something new is coming to you.

Instead of lamenting "why is this happening to me?" Try to look at it from this perspective, and open your mind to new possibilities! Stay Positive.

Positive thinking means that your emotional and mental attitude focuses more on the right things and expects better results at the end of every effort. Positive thinking reflects in your body postures and actions. It also enhances your relationships for the betterment.

To focus on negative thinking will block the universe to help you manifest the things that are coming to you through the law of attraction.

Successful people will tell you that they got where they are now because they created a lifestyle around positive thinking. So when things go wrong, trust that the universe will take care of it, in the way it needs to go. However, keep in mind that the things we want to manifest, need a path, it requires a special energy to take you where you need to be in time or place for that thing to happen(to manifest physically).

Therefore everything that comes your way is part of your manifestation. Sometimes we fail to recognize it, because it might seem unrelated. So be aware of every opportunity. Again, keep an open mind, and let yourself move on guided by the universe.

It is also very important to reach out. Ask the universe for what you want. Be specific. Whatever it is the higher power you believe in. Do pray. Talk to the universe. Especially during difficult times. Yes, even while on your journey to better things, you might encounter challenges and opposition. So be ready, stay strong. Overcome your challenges and stay focused on the positive.

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.”

– Mark Twain

How to develop a positive mind and live in Abundance?

 Here are some key points to control your thinking:

Adjusting your mindset and the scarcity mentality...


Many of us have different mindsets, there is one called the scarcity mentality. People with this mindset live with the idea that there simply isn’t enough to go around. This mindset holds them back from achieving their goals.

If you can shift your thinking to recognize that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. You will be able to relax, to trust that your time will come, and that by giving and sharing you will open yourself to more possibilities and options.

Power of positive mind 

Does poverty impacts decision making? This is a very important societal question. Recent theories proposed that altered decision making by the poor might be explained by a scarcity mindset.

Many people often say they can't do something, work on a project, or don't have the money for this or that. They think they are unable to make something happen. So they tend to compete with others at difficult resources. They start thinking negatively and become restless in their lives.

But when we are on an abundance mindset, we recognize the endless potential in front of us, and that there is plenty for everybody. This mindset helps to identify many opportunities towards success and leadership.

Adjusting your mindset

Winners make better choices. Some of these choices are hard to make but they make them anyway.

People who are not accustomed to win too often make only the easy choices or worse yet, they make no choice at all. Start thinking like a winner!

Only positive thinking helps you to bypass the rage of failure and enjoy every moment of life with full presence. Dare to take some riks and know there will be some setbacks.

Take control of your catastrophic thinking

Create an abundance mindset and spread positivity around you. This will not only help you, but also it will provide support to many others. 

These days, we find it harder than ever to escape negative thoughts. We worry about our health, loss of employment, money problems, and the uncertain future. Stress levels are at all-time highs. 

When there isn't much we can be certain about, that can feed a lot of fear. The brain, after all, is designed to react negatively to uncertainty. Anxiety will reign.

When you begin to worry too much, according to Ryan Jane Jacoby, a staff psychologist of the OCD and Related Disorders Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School, "you can fall into a rabbit hole of perseverative thinking, mulling the negatives over and over in your mind."

“You’re trying to problem solve in the past, or trying to predict what’s going to happen in the future. It’s not that either of those are inherently bad, it does make sense to sometimes pull apart what went wrong, or prepare for what’ll happen, but the mental load of that worry and rumination can get exhausting.”

Jacoby says that data suggests the amount of ruminating on the past and worrying about the future people do is tied to the onset and duration of depression and anxiety. The more you let those thoughts fester, the more likely you are to develop those conditions, and the longer they’re likely to last.

Worrying about things that are too far in the future to predict with any accuracy, won't benefit you or improve the situation. Jacoby advises: Those concerns should get deferred. “We start trying to make plans or prepare for things that are too far down the road. Instead, use worry postponement: tell yourself, I can’t make this decision now, I’ll think about it in X-number of weeks, and commit to tolerating the uncertainty until then.”

Ask the universe exactly what you want!!

 When we ask for things, it may be that our unconscious influences help to provide, but I also feel that our unconscious minds could be linked to something greater.

 You don’t need to be rich to live an abundant life. Abundance does not always point to material possessions but rather your inner sense of gratification and fulfillment that only yourself can feel.”

Study your habits and form new ones

I believe you can learn to deal with uncertainty with greater ease by creating routines in your daily life that provide stable anchors in your day. Try to create big and small activities in your day that are consistent. 

Having no routine at all could be more stressful and draining mentally and physically than any routine could ever be.

Choose your words carefully

This is an essential habit for living in Abundance. Select your words carefully and wisely according to the situation. Keep this in mind so that you only speak the right words even inside your mind, but also in conversation with other people.

This habit impacts your mindset and regulates your emotions towards positivity. Words are the true reflection of your attitude and your personality. What we say about others also reflects on our own character.

What Others Say


“I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where’s the self-help section?” She said if she told me, it would defeat the whole purpose.  ”

George Carlin 



“The Universe can cover any part of your life that you feel is lacking. The size of your request doesn’t scare the Universe, so just write it out. Don’t hesitate over any desire that comes to mind. Write it out, no matter how silly or far-fetched you may think it is at the moment.”

Michael Samuels

/ Producer and writer


“Stop waiting for somebody to elevate your game. You are already equipped with everything you need to manifest your own greatness.”

Germanyy kent

/ Journalist

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”



Have you ever got to a time in your life where you felt completely sorry for yourself? I know I did. In fact, I still remember that very exact point in time.

Since then, I went on an inner journey to discover what it was that I should do with my life. 

I truly believe this world should be one of fulfillment and abundance for all humanity, but we are brainwashed into believing we have no other choice. Once I realized this, I was able to start taking control of my thoughts and mindset. It changed my life for ever. In every way.

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